FLO Solutions for Disaster Relief


When “Superstorm Sandy” hit New York City on October 30th, 2012, dozens of relief organizations, hundreds of grassroots groups and thousands of people mobilized to provide assistance to those in need. The challenges associated with coordinating such a decentralized relief effort was felt by everyone involved.

Sarapis saw the information management challenge coming. Within days of the hurricane we were helping writing essays online grassroots-organized relief hubs collect data more efficiently and turn it into actionable information for relief providers on the front lines of the disaster.

Now that the initial response and relief efforts have passed, we’re helping networks of nonprofit and community-based organizations develop and manage their own “technology commons” that they can use to overcome coordination challenges and build more resilient communities.

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Local Action


NYC:Prepared brings technologists and local leaders together to co-create the world’s best disaster relief and community resilience toolset not only for New York City, but for people throughout the world. Every software tool in which we invest our time and money is “copyleft”, not copyright, so it can be deployed by anyone at no cost and without restriction.

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Global Contribution

We’re documenting the best FLO tools and techniques for disaster relief and community resilience, and making them available online via a semantic knowledge base that can be copied and localized to meet unique needs.

When disaster strikes in other places — like it did in Oklahoma in May 2013 — we connect with relief providers there and use our documentation to help them set up their own FLO Solutions for Emergency Management.

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FLO Solutions

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FLO Solutions for Disaster Relief Presentation

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