Our Work

We envision a world in which people can access and own the technology they need to create just, abundant and sustainable societies.

To make that vision into a reality, we contribute free/libre/open-source (FLO) solutions for nonprofit and civic sectors to the global information commons.

Types of Activities

* Support: We provide services to unique and promising free/libre/open-source (FLO) projects.

* Operations: We organize programs that solve local problems using FLO solutions.

* Solutions: We develop and document FLO tools and techniques that help nonprofit and civic organizations operate more effectively.


We provide information management, community building, software development, technical training and support to nonprofits aligned with the FLO movement.

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Attribution: Helicopter designed by Manuela Ribas from the Noun Project. Seedbank designed by Krisada from the Noun Project. Network designed by Gabriele Lorusso from the Noun Project.