Emergency Management

Occupy Sandy Relief Effort at St. Matthew St. Luke Episcopal

Photo by Reverend Tom Martinez

Emergency Management is being transformed by accessible technologies.

Social media, free productivity tools and open source software are giving everyone from survivors to relief workers to policy makers new capabilities to communicate, coordinate and act.

Our work makes it as easy as possible for folks to access these new tools and use them in a way that fits into a broader information management strategy reliant on open information flows and open data standards. This work supports a wide variety of stakeholders, including grassroots disaster relief networks, community-based organizations, online volunteer technical communities and international humanitarian aid organizations.

Lastest Posts

Disaster Preparedness Requires a 211 System; New York City Still Doesn’t Have One

Disaster Preparedness Requires a 211 System; New York City Still Doesn’t Have One

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Presenting the Open Aid Movement at Open Source Bridge

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Introducing Data Models for Human(itarian) Services

Introducing Data Models for Human(itarian) Services

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Groups We Work With

Devin Balkind, Executive Director of Sarapis, is also the President of the SSF, where he is implementing strategies to further empower the Sahana community to continue their work building fantastic FLO emergency management solutions.

We help Open Referral achieve it’s goal of popularizing open data standards that enable people to manage and share information about health and human nonprofit services. We’re active in its community, help maintain the website and build open data resources.

ReCola is an news and networking platform for  people interested in free, open-source, collaborative, peer-to-peer approaches to community resilience. The site offers a curated news feed delivered through a website, email newsletter and social media posts as well as an API accessible knowledge base.



Past Work

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We initiated NYC:Prepared in response to the long term recovery and preparedness needs of New York City after Superstorm Sandy. All of the software NYC:Prepared uses is free(of cost)/libre/open-source, and we do our best to document our techniques. We focus on making it available to the relief networks likely to emerge during a disaster event.

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Recovery in a Box provides a free and open-source web publishing toolkit to communities affected by disasters such as Voluntary Agencies Active in Disasters (VOADs), Long-Term Recovery Groups (LTRGs) and Community Organizations Active in Disasters (COADS).