The FLOing Content Network is a collection of news, knowledge and networking brands for people interested in working the “open source way” in specific areas of work of interest to Sarapis.

These brands use the FLOing Platform, a technology solution set developed by Sarapis for building these niche content websites.

The FLOing Platform is a WordPress-based multisite “network” with a few key features:

  • Syndicate, organize and republish content from other websites and web pages.
  • Build structured knowledge directories that can link to posts.
  • Everything is accessible via standard JSON REST APIs.

Combine the FLOing Platform with a set of FLOing knowledge and community management practices to build a niche community of interest.

Our presentation explains how to use FLOing for:

  • News Curation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Event Organizing

Do you want to build a community on FLOing?


Internet of Ownership

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