HSDS Validator

HSDS Validator

The Human Services Data Standard (HSDS) is an open source data model for health, human and social services information produced by the Open Referral project.

The HSDS Validator is an open source project that enables users to check if the structure of their data tables follows HSDS.

Users can either upload individual CSVs or a zip file with multiple CSVs. The HSDS Validator will test each file and return one of four results:

  • “Valid” means that the table contains all HSDS specified fields and no others
  • “Valid with additions” means that the table contains all HSDS fields as well as additional fields.
  • “Invalid” means the table does not contain all HSDS fields.
  • “Null” means no data was entered for that HSDS data table.

Sarapis hosts a deployment of the HSDS validator that you’re invited to use.