Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) is the oldest and most prolific nonprofit advocate and facilitator of participatory budgeting projects in the USA. Based in NYC, PBP has done extensive work educating elected official and the public about participatory processes, and helping NYC’s City Council deploy popular and accessible participatory budgeting programs.

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After years of successful participatory budgeting cycle, PBP wanted to showcase all the projects funded through this innovative process, so they came to Sarapis with a spreadsheet and a dream: create a mobile-friendly database of all the projects in NYC funded through participatory budgeting.

We took their spreadsheet and turned it into an Airtable, which would act as the backend for a custom web application that enabled people to search for PB projects using many different criteria, including the user’s current location.

The final product at display six years of NYC participatory budgeting proposals. Users can search by address, apply multiple filters, and view all data on maps, in charts, and export to CSV and PDF.

The website also won two awards from the Mayor’s Office: the Mayor’s Civics Award for the project that best facilitates engaging in civil society and uses at least one dataset from NYC Open Data and the Open Data Award for the project that had the highest overall rating and uses at least two datasets from NYC Open Data.

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