Open Government

Local governments can transform into high-performance organizations by adopting open source tools and agile collaboration techniques.

As a New York City-based organization, Sarapis is using these tools and techniques to make our local government more efficient, transparent and democratic.  

We focus on building prototypes that show people the types of solutions we believe New York City's government and civil society organizations should be providing New Yorkers.

Latest Posts

A More Transparent City, with A Page for Every Capital Project

A More Transparent City, with A Page for Every Capital Project

Few things impact the lives of New Yorkers more than the city’s “capital projects.” These projects create, maintain, and improve ...
Imagining SimNYCity

Imagining SimNYCity

I was eight years old when I first encountered a computer game called “SimCity.” The general premise of the game ...
What is “Municipalism”?

What is “Municipalism”?

The definition of “municipalism” is still up for grabs. If you Google the word you’ll be given a snippet from Wikipedia about “libertarian ...

Projects We Lead integrates public datasets and information resources together into a single data-driven website that gives New Yorkers a more complete understanding of how New York City’s agencies turn resources into actions that benefit New Yorkers. is a news and networking platform connecting people interested in how cities and regions govern themselves in the 21st century. The site offers a curated news feed delivered through a website, email newsletter and social media posts as well as an API accessible knowledge base.

Groups We Work With

Sarapis is working with the Participatory Budgeting Project to create a directory of projects that have received funding through New York City Council’s participatory budgeting process.

g0v.Network is an global community of people who advocate for "transparency of information and building tech solutions for citizens to participate in public affairs from the bottom up." It is inspired by, and in collaborate with, the g0v movement in Taiwain. Sarapis offers administrative support to the movement in the United States and helps organize events.

Sarapis helped launch the Environmental Data Governance Initiative by building their first website, providing technology consulting as well as financial and administrative services.