ORServices is an open source social services directory software that produces an attractive, mobile-friendly online directory that utilizes the Open Referral’s Human Service Data Standard (HSDS), so managing and sharing resource data with stakeholders is as easy as possible.

This solution is built with the Laravel PHP framework and adopts a monolithic approach that makes it simple to deploy to cloud servers. We have documentation for deploying it to AWS and Azure.

The latest updates to this software includes many new features, including:

  • Improvements to Data Import
    • Improved import interface with an activity log that allows you track import activities.
    • Importer now allows you to “add” new records instead of replacing all records like in the past.
    • More reliable auto-import feature
  • New Change Logs and Revision Controls
    • All changes are recorded and displayed for admin users in a change log on the sidebar.
    • In the admin backend, there is now a screen to search and browse all changes made by users in the system.
    • New revisions feature allows you to see the difference between two versions of the same record
  • New Interactions Feature
    • allows logged-in users to add interaction notes describing their efforts to collect data.
    • admin users can see all interaction notes in the backend.
  • Improved display and management of program information within service records
  • Organization Profile Features and Design Improvements
    • Add interactions via the organization page
    • New change log on the sidebar
    • Tighter, tabbed design makes navigation easier
  • My Account Page Design Improvements
  • Backend Updates and Improvements
    • New Activities section to search and browse interactions and edits
    • New Classifications section to better manage various taxonomies in the system
    • New controls to manage backend Dashboard
    • New registration flow where anyone can request an account connected to an organization and an admin can review, grant or reject the request in the backend
    • System Emails section now allows you to turn off/on and edit the text of automated account registration and creation emails
    • New integration with Google Analytics 4

Learn more about the latest version of ORServices here.

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