Consul Hosting & Development

Consul Hosting & Development

Consul is the world’s leading open source platform for managing participatory democracy processes.

It supports a wide range of uses including participatory budgeting, user petitions, debates, collaborative legislation production, polls, surveys, voting systems and more.

We’ve made major upgrades to Consul to accommodate the needs of our clients. These upgrades include:

  • Create custom phases to accommodate unique participatory budgeting process.
  • Adding maps and map layers to page layouts.
  • Creating custom registration pathways
  • And more!

We launched and operated the only Consul system in the US (as of end January 2019) for two New York York City Council Members’ participatory budgeting processes. We’re also the largest contributor of code to the Consul Project outside of Madrid, where Consul originated.

We’re ready to assist you in designing, developing and deploying custom Consul platforms to meet your own unique needs.