Open Referral Solutions

Open Referral Solutions

Open Referral is a nonprofit project that promotes open access to health, human and social resource directory data by developing and distributing open source data standards for resource data management and exchange.

Open Referral’s Human Services Data Standard (HSDS) and its Human Services Data API are used by social service providers, referral networks, governments and other stakeholders all over the US to build software applications that can manage, display and exchange social service data.

Sarapis has supported Open Referral from its inception in 2011, providing technical assistance to the project and working in collaboration with Open Referral to develop software products using its data standards.

Open Referral Products

We’ve developed a suite of open source applications that can help your organization adopt, utilize and extend Open Referral data standards to meet your needs.

Don’t waste time and money by purchasing proprietary directory software or creating an entirely new, custom one. Use our free and open source solutions!

Open Referral Airtable Template

The Open Referral Airtable Template is a the quickest and easiest way to create an Open Referral compliant health, human and social services directory without having to deploy any software or write any code. Airtable’s spreadsheet-style interface makes it easy for anyone comfortable with basic office programs can manage the data.

Our Airtable Template can be paired with our ORServices Web App and act as its resource database, enabling you to manage all your resource data in Airtable and make it publicly available as a smartphone-friendly, location-aware, directory and online map via our ORServices Web App software.

ORServices Web App

ORServices is a free, open source, smartphone-friendly directory application for health, human and social services. It’s designed to be easy to deploy, easy to adapt, and to easily display data that is standardized in the Open Referral format.

You can manage your data in our OR Airtable Template or by using the HSDS Transformer to convert your existing data into Open Referral’s Human Service Data Standard (HSDS) zip file. Either format can be easily, and automatically, imported in the ORServices Web App.

Additional features include:

  • Content management system for customizing content on the home page, about pages, headers and footers, as well as colors, images and logo.
  • Download PDFs and CSVs of individual and filtered lists of services and organizations.
  • Filter services using many different types of fields.
  • Assign additional and alternative categories to services.
  • Location-based search with configurable maps.
  • Integration with Google Translate to offer information in dozens of different languages.


ORAPI is a deployment of the popular, open source Fusio API management platform, customized to deliver Open Referral’s Human Services Data API. Simply upload the zip file generated by the HSDS transformer into the ORAPI’s database and you’re up and running with an API that has all the features of the popular open source Fusio platform, including:

  • A back end for managing the API, its users, monetization tools and rate limiting
  • A developer portal
  • Active Swagger documentation,
  • OAuth2 authentication
  • And much more

OR API Interface

This light weight, open source PHP codebase offers a simple directory-style display of data from our ORAPI platform. It can be modified to accommodate data from any API platform that follows the Open Referral Human Services Data API specification.

Features include:

  • Search services by service name, keyword and organization
  • Displays services on a map
  • Responsive design optimizes itself for viewing on mobile or desktop monitors
  • Extremely fast performance