What We Offer

We provide custom services for each client designed to meet their unique needs. Our no-nonsense approach, relentless execution style and commitment to client capacity-building provides consistent, iterative outcomes that deliver long-term solutions for your organization.

Software Development

We design and develop components for existing open source software projects and create our own codebases to meet the unique needs of our clients while leveraging existing open source code and community.

Solution Delivery

You have a technical challenge? We have a network of open source software specialists who deliver solutions. Need a flawless WordPress theme? Updates to a Rails app? Data migration? We’ve got you covered.

Technology Training

We help you identify opportunities where technology can improve your organization’s performance; design a strategy to harness that technology; and train you to do it as quickly and easily as possible.

Organizational Consulting

We help nonprofits develop operations and programs that accommodate and enhance open source projects. This might involve building governance structures, administrative systems and community practices and more.

Solution Development

We seek out and develop projects that align with our theory of change and make real, sustainable impact in the world. When our work results in solutions that are useful beyond our specific projects, we do our best to make those solutions as accessible to others as possible.

Consul Hosting & Development

Consul Hosting & Development

Consul is the world’s leading open source platform for managing participatory democracy processes. We can maintain and customize it to meet your unique needs.
Open Referral Solutions

Open Referral Solutions

We provide data management and display solutions for organizations working with health, human and social services data, with a specialty in Open Referral data standards.
FLOing Content Network

FLOing Content Network

The FLOing Content Network is a collection of news, knowledge and networking brands for people interested in working the “open source way” in specific areas of work of interest to

Work with Sarapis

We follow the open source way to complete specific projects, organizational transformation and everything in between.