Regenerative Agriculture

Agriculture is FLOing back to its roots.

Small scale food producers have been engaging in free and open-source production practices for a lot longer than proprietary ones. Seed sharing has been going on since the origins of agriculture, and food producers have always valued straight-forward products that are modular, multi-purpose and well-supported by broad communities of users, builders and maintainers.

Thanks to advances in the fields of low cost sensors, open/big data, web publishing, GIS and more, there have never been more opportunities for producers to share innovations, build knowledge resources and engage in large-scale collaborations.

We support producers by helping them access tools and training that improve their operations, amplify their work, and align their technology choices with their values.

Groups We Work With

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We help the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) maintain fair and open access to plant genetics by providing them with website and open data consulting. Their open data compliant repository of accessible, open source seeds is pretty cool.



We help with the technical side of Draft Animal Power Network's online community of people sharing skills needed to thrive while working with livestock. We also are helping them adopt open data practices so they can share their resource information with their peer organizations.

We help the Brooklyn Rescue Mission manage their website and other IT infrastructure. BRM has been humbly and openly pioneering creative solutions to food justice, community health and economic challenges in central Brooklyn for over 20 years. Their "Bed Stuy Farm" was one of NYC's first nonprofit urban agriculture projects.



Past Work

We help Open Source Food Safety set up tools and design processes that enable their community of food processors and culinary entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and improve their community's open source food safety plans.

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