FLOing the Nonprofit Sector

Information technology is transforming civil society, but into what? There are many people in the nonprofit world who want to see organizations define success metrics and pursue them with the same intensity that corporations pursue profits. This approach is advocated by some of the world’s largest foundations and is being hailed as a major step […]

Designing a Nonprofit Accounting Solution

The Challenge: Accounting When looking for an accounting solution for Sarapis, we checked out the popular free, libre, open source GNUCash. GNUCash is the most popular FLO accounting software program out there and its community is clearly proud of the program’s ability to meet the needs of individuals and small businesses. We need easy nonprofit […]

Welcome to the FLO Movement

The free, libre, and open source (FLO) movement has created many of the technologies local communities need to rebuild the world from the grassroots upward. These technologies include entire operating systems with complete suites of free software (ex. Ubuntu Linux, OpenOffice, GIMP), web applications for constructing enterprise grade inter/extranets and websites (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), cloud […]